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Agile Development



We design and develop a Logo Design, Web Design and Redesigning services, Web development, iOS and Android mobile application development, Ecommerce development and software development by using “Agile Development”.

In this blog, we would like to discuss what is agile development, a process, flow of the agile development life cycle and advantages of agile.

History of Agile methodology

In 2011, software developers had examined the lightweight development practices. Then they had issued the Manifesto concerning agile software development than they wrote addendum of project management principles and declaration of interdependence in 2005, to guide a software project according to agile methodology. After that, they wrote an extension of software development principles to guide agile software development according to professional guidance and knowledge.

In 2011, they designed the guide for agile methods. It holds details and terms.


The following principles for developing software by using agile methodology. There are,

  • Individuals and interactions (processes and tools)
  • Working software (comprehensive documentation)
  • Customer collaboration (contract negotiation)
  • Responding to change (following a plan)
  • Agile Development

    Agile development methodology refers to an umbrella term for software development methodology and Iterative. Combination of the process model and iterative is called an Agile software development life cycle.

    Agile methodology is different types of the scrum, it has been increased popularity in the agile software development community because of productivity, with scrum methodology. A product owner works with the team to prioritize the system functionality in the form of the product backlog.

    The product backlog consists of features, bug fixes, and non-functional requirements.

    Agile Process Flow

    Agile software development lifecycle contains following iterations: Define Requirements, UI design, Development, Quality Check, User Acceptance Testing, Release.

    Advantages of Agile Development

  • Frequent delivery of useful software and face to face conversation.
  • A change request in the requirements is always welcome.
  • Day by Day conversation and co-operation between the developers and clients.
  • Creative design and immediate attention.
  • Provides the unique opportunity for every client.
  • Breaking down the projects into single units, it will provide high-quality development design and testing
  • Conclusion

    Compared to other approaches to development agile provides following features high product quality, early and predictable delivery, transparency, project control, and customer satisfaction.

    We are craters of technology, and we rethink, rebuild and deliver on time with quality by working smarter always.