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Website Development



We have a team who have good experience in website development using latest versions of programming language. We provide a web service for various industries.

In this blog, we would like to discuss web and web application development and what are the programming skills we using for website development.

What Is Web development?

Web development refers to building a static and dynamic page and deploying on the web. The website is a collection of web pages. Web applications built by the programmer using a programming language or scripting languages at the server as well as client end.

Web development coding contains the following two types: client-side coding and server-side coding.

Web Design

Web design is commonly known as front-end development. It refers to constructing what a user sees when they load the particular web application. The front end development is done by following three codes - Html, CSS, and javascript.

Web development Lifecycle

The web development lifecycle includes following steps.

  • Information gathering(main goal, users, purpose of the website).
  • Planning (wireframe, sitemap, and architecture creation)
  • Layout design (front-end development)
  • Content writing
  • Development testing (quality check for launch)
  • Launch website (launching the website for users view)
  • Key elements for effective Website

  • The attractive appearance is important. You should use the following things to improve the appearance of your website: professional color, clean and proper text, meaningful, graphics and images, proper spacing and alignment.
  • The content of the website should be relevant and informative.
  • All the component of your website should work properly and fast.
  • Your website should be mobile responsive and easy to use.
  • The usability includes following elements: logical navigation, easy to read, minimal scroll, loading speed, compatibility, consistent layout, and proper screen resolution.
  • Programming languages used in Web development

    Most of the companies using the following programming language for build websites: Java, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, Ruby, JavaScript, C, and C++.


  • Advertising your business through the website is less expensive compared to media, radio, television or printing advertisement?
  • You can increase the business sales and users by facebook ads and search engine optimization.
  • Having a website will be more convenient for your customers to know about your business and other details.
  • A website can help you to generate more customers and have worldwide popularity.
  • Conclusion

    The website helps your clients to find you anywhere and anytime. The customer can get your business information details easily from your website. It is the easiest way to exchange your information.

    We are craters of technology, and we rethink, rebuild and deliver on time with quality by working smarter always.