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We develop E-commerce online shop and web applications. We have well-experienced developers who have a good knowledge of E-commerce frameworks and E-commerce applications. We develop the entire website in a mobile responsive manner.

In this blog, we would like to discuss the E-commerce and its application, list of E-commerce frameworks and how the E-commerce business works in real.

E-commerce framework

E-commerce is related to software frameworks they provide an environment for building an E-commerce application.

Following are the E-commerce Frameworks:


Most of the companies use Prestashop E-commerce framework because it has user-friendly user and admin panel. It has the following features: Easy installation and customization, It has both free hosted and self-hosted version

Open cart

Most of the start-up companies use the open cart E-commerce framework. Because it has a less cost, effect minimum programming language with fewer functionalities and customizations. The Open cart provides many advanced plugins and widget options.


Magento framework is the most popular E-commerce framework which is used more popular. Many companies are using the Magento framework to build the E-commerce site.


OsCommerce E-commerce framework is one of the most trusted open source platforms. It contains more than 7000 add-ons, and it is used to make a more interactive design. OsCommerce open source trusted by all the developers and Users.

Zen Cart

Zencart most popularity framework because of its advanced product management system also it provides control over products and sales. It is easy to install and publish.


Woocommerce is the leading E-commerce framework. And mainly used by the tourism sector for their business. It is easy to manage the products and integrate with the WordPress. Also, it has a mobile-friendly layout.

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce framework is the newest framework based on ruby on rails. It is easy to install, upgrade and configure. It has a lot of extensions and plugins.


Drupal has the most attractive feature is SEO effectiveness because of this feature it is popular amongst the Drupal developers, and its admin panel is easy to use.


Joomla is also, called as VirtueMart. It has a multi-language option it is used to buyers can view their products in their native languages.

Jigoshop (WordPress)

Jigoshop is a WordPress based E-commerce platform. It is very used to implement and use like woocommerce framework. But it consumes more time for adding products so that it’s not a great option of managing large storefront.

E-Commerce Evolution

Hybris, Magento, and Aimeos are E-commerce evolutions. The first generation of an E-commerce system is the ERP related systems and the second generation of standalone shop systems. The E-Commerce frameworks are the latest generations of E-commerce systems started around 2012.

How E-commerce Works

Build an E-commerce website at first you need to choose the products which you want to sell on online around the world’s E-commerce website allows you to sell the products online. The user can be buying your products anywhere, anytime by using your E-commerce website.

E-commerce contains the following work process

  • Receiving orders
  • Processing order information
  • Shipping
  • Conclusion

    The E-commerce business helps you to conduct your business is flexible. At the same time, you can reach a wide range of audience around the world. Nowadays, E-commerce business becomes popular in earning money. We can purchase everything online. For that, we need to have a smartphone and an internet connection.

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